Isam's Photo 2011Isam El-Basir


Nationality: Libyan – British.

DOB: 17th March 1975

Tel UK: 00447866445509.

Tel Lib: 00218923473411.

Tel Malta: 00356 999 59126


Isam El-Basir is the founder and CEO of SAS International Holding Co. Over the years, Mr El-Basir has played a pivotal role in the establishment and the setting up of all subsidiary companies belonging to the Holding Company, including joint ventures with key international companies.

In 2008, Mr El-Basir was also entrusted with the representation of P H Warr plc in Libya while his role was further consolidated in 2009 when he became P H Warr Libya’s Deputy Chairman and joint stock partner. It is pertinent to note that in this capacity, Mr El-Basir managed to secure the company’s largest single project at the time while simultaneously securing other substantial contracts.  Moreover, Mr El-Basir became the sole owner of P H Warr plc Libya in 2016, after having successfully purchased all shares owned by P H Warr plc.

In 2015 Mr El-Basir established SAS Marine Services Ltd, a maritime service company based in the Mediterranean island of Malta.  SAS Marine Ltd operates the global online yacht chartering platform Book2Sail ( which is a dynamic platform founded on the desire to make the yacht chartering industry more accessible to the widest possible audience. Mr El-Basir is also the Chairman of Elemara Company, a leading Libyan company in the field of construction.
Mr El-Basir is an ambitious, dedicated and an extremely well organised individual who enjoys tackling new challenges and working in teams. During the course of his extensive career, Mr El-Basir has been able to garner widespread expertise in various sectors apart from consolidated business management skills which have enabled him to tackle diverse business scenarios in a responsible and professional manner. These skills are complemented with excellent communication skills and a high level of fluency in Arabic and English.

2015-02-19-23-49-42Solayman Al Hamadan

Deputy Chairman

DOB: 8th of December 1962

Nationality: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel SA:  00966505365454




Solayman Al Hamadan is a lawyer by profession with consolidated legal expertise. Over the years, Mr Al Hamadan has been active in various sectors including real estate development, construction, nutrition and health services, media, tourism, and aviation.

He has also provided his expertise to a number of high-profile public service projects in a variety of fields in Saudi Arabia. It is pertinent to note that Mr Al Hamadan founded the Association of Friends of the Environment and the Hayel Rally. Moreover, in 2001 Mr Al Hamadan was appointed as member on the committee responsible for the analysis of the future of agriculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (a panel assembled on order of King Abd Allah Ben Abdel Aziz). This committee was responsible for the presentation of a memorandum related to self-financing as a tool for project execution, which was successful and accepted by the King.

Highly fluent in Arabic and English, Mr Al Hamadan has consolidated his legal background with extensive training in highly diverse areas throughout his professional life. Indeed, Mr Al Hamadan possesses knowledge on a broad range of subjects ranging from the governance of maritime transport, real estate marketing, commercial and international arbitration and the marketing of loans for individuals. His vast experience in countless verticals and industries, ceaseless work ethic, knowledge of different cultures and ways of doing business around the world make Mr Al Hamadan an invaluable member of the SAS team.