Welcome to SAS International Holding Co.

SAS International Holding Co. is an all-encompassing investment company with a diversified portfolio and consolidated management services. Through its strategically located Head Offices in Malta, SAS International Holding Co. is in the optimal position to provide businesses with the means to achieve sustainable growth, increase their shareholder value and become leaders in their respective industries.

SAS International Holding Co. was established in 2008 and has since created a solid investment base in a broad range of industries that comprise construction, tourism, real estate, aviation, marine services, and digital marketing.

The extensive experience that has been acquired over the years, enabled the company to conduct strategic investments in international undertakings located in different parts of the world. Through the utilization of a hands-on management approach and dedicated specialist teams, SAS International Holding Co provides added value to international private enterprises by forming partnerships and delivering a range of essential services that realizes their long-term potential together with an outstanding return on investments.


Your Ideal Investment Partner

We offer a range of essential business services that will help you identify and cultivate your company’s strengths through every development and implementation stage.

The SAS International Holding Co. management team will provide you with expert advice on how you can increase market presence and obtain targeted growth.

Our subsidiaries benefit from access to a high-level broad range of partners in the EMEA region (particularly in North Africa) thus enabling you to enhance your business’s exposure and extend its possibilities.